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Being the CEO is hard enough without having to design an effective website and manage your social media accounts 

The Daily Essentials was founded when we noticed businesses were struggling to keep up with our current digital world while running a business. Whether it was teaching someone how to create a Facebook Business page or giving a company a complete rebrand, they were already taking entrepreneurs to the next level.

In today’s digital world, your online presence is the most essential tool you have for connecting with customers, telling your story, and growing your business.  Business owners want to feel confident marketing themselves on social media, but often don't know where to begin. Whether a company is starting from scratch or ready to increase their existing marketing strategy, The Daily Essentials knows exactly how to get you there.

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Fav Social Media

Sunrise  Or  sunset

Iced caramel latte

Tiktok, I'm just addicted to it

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Fav Social Media

Sunrise  Or  sunset

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Pinterest & Linkedin, I'm a nerd

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Fav Social Media

Sunrise  Or  sunset

Iced with oat milk

Tiktok, video is 👑

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Meet Dana


Deni's degree in brand management and marketing paired with her startup experience brings a fresh perspective to every project. She has the creativity and real world knowledge to get any goal accomplished. Deni helps our brands reach Gen Z in a fun and fresh way. Feel like you can't keep up with the trends? Deni is your girl! Her favorite part about working in social media is helping businesses expand their audience and reach new customers.

Dana is commonly referred to as a jack of all trades, because of her variety of experience and knowledge. Dana has worked in tech for years, but always had local businesses asking for help with their website, social media, or marketing. Her experience working at Apple combined with her passion for small businesses is the perfect background for taking your company to the next level. Businesses have been taken from launch to fully booked with her website design and social media knowledge.

Meet Courtney

With over 5 years of experience in the beauty industry, Courtney brings an aesthetically-trained eye to every aspect of digital marketing. She loves to help her clients stand out from the rest by establishing a strong and unique online presence. Her daily essentials (aside from her skincare routine) include social media management, branding, and video content creation. Courtney's favorite part about working with brands is when she sees their vision come to life.

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