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March 2023

We know it can be hard to keep up with all the changes on social media, so here are a few things to keep you in the loop! Follow us on Instagram for more updates.

Reminder Ads Coming to Instagram

Promote upcoming events for your business with Instagram’s new “Reminder Ad”. These ads allow the viewer to click the bell icon in the bottom left corner of the post to opt in to event reminders.

Reminder Notifications once user opts in:

  • one day before
  • 15 min before  start time
  • at time of event

TikTok reaches 150 million users in the US

TikTok has built a community of 150 million Americans that all use their platform to learn, be entertained, or grow their business. TikTok inspires creativity and brings joy to a global audience. TikTok has also enhanced safeguards for its US users to proactively address national security concerns. The platform has invested $1.5 billion to set up TikTok US Data Security and has launched the US Data Security site to provide transparency into its commitments to safeguard data.

“TikTok has evolved into the preferred platform for nearly 5 million businesses seeking expansion and success”

-The TikTok Team

Meta, Artificial intelligence, & You

Facebook  has hit a new milestone  in number of users. There  are currently 2 billion active users on Facebook daily.  Meta is  investing in artificial  intelligence to  bring to  Facebook. Meta AI  will  bring  new  ways  to  discover content and share it with your communities. This upcoming technology will users to create and share in new ways. Meta shares their current focuses for 2023 are “artificial intelligence, messaging, creators and monetization.”

Facebook Usage is the highest it has ever been with 2 billion users

TikTok announces new “STEM Feed”

Education-based communities are doing so well on TikTok, they now have a whole feed! TikTok has added “a new viewing experience that will give our community a dedicated space to explore a wide range of inspiring, entertaining, and enriching videos related to science, technology, engineering, and math.” Content on the STEM feed will be checked to make sure it is appropriate and reliable by “Common Sense Networks” and “Poynter”.

Other Topic-Based Feeds in Testing:

  • Gaming
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Sports

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